We have successfully specialised in providing high-quality risk and insurance services in the transport and logistics sector.

We support you with proactive strategies throughout the entire process. The focus here is on development and placement as well as ongoing support and advice on coverage concepts.


Your goods are exposed to a broad range of risks during transport and related storage, which can lead to loss of or damage to the goods as well as consequential losses and pure pecuniary losses for your company.

You can control some risks by taking loss-preventing measures, such as selecting appropriate packaging and stowage, means of transport, storage locations and logistics partners, as long as they are "predictable" for you. But what about the "unpredictable" risks?

"Unforeseeable" risks can widely be covered by a transport goods insurance policy tailored to the individual needs of your company.


If a potential customer does not transport or store his goods himself, he usually places a corresponding order with a logistics company, e.g. a freight forwarder. The transport or storage contract is usually based on national or international laws, conventions and general terms and conditions. These standards, such as the German Commercial Code (HGB), CMR, Montreal Convention or the ADSp, contain the rights and obligations of the contracting parties and thus also regulate the corresponding liability of the carriers.

The insurance covers your liability for damage to the physical substance of the stored or transported goods as well as for certain pecuniary losses resulting from the inadequate performance of the transport contract (e.g. due to missed delivery deadlines).


On the basis of charter contracts, the charterer assumes various risks with regard to liability for the ship, crew and cargo as well as towards third parties and the environment. This also includes the responsibility for the forwarding agents, handling companies, ship brokers engaged by the charterer and the related activities of loading and unloading, issuing of shipping documents, etc.

Worldwide, it is not accepted in the shipping sector that a vessel owner operates his vessel without valid P & I insurance (i.e. special liability and legal protection insurance). Therefore, it should be common practice for you as a charterer to evaluate the risk resulting from the charter contract concluded.


"Containerisation" in intermodal transport continues to increase steadily. A growing number of larger ships are transporting more and more containers to almost every port in the world. There is hardly a place that containers do not reach from there by truck, inland waterway vessel or rail. At the same time, containers are exposed to a wide variety of risks.

You have placed your money in containers, whether as a shipping company, leasing company or investor. We protect your investment with appropriate insurance concepts against the most important risks.

The following insurance products offer you solutions for protection

  • Damage Protection Plan (DPP) for leasing companies
  • Protection insurance for container leasing companies and investors (cover in the event of the lessee's bankruptcy)
  • Residual value insurance for investors
  • Full Equipment Cover (FEC) - the maintenance & repair management scheme for shipping companies and operators
  • Liability insurance for containers
  • Combined hull loss and liability insurance
  • Liability insurance


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